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Upcoming Courses

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Why get Installer Certified?

CALCTP will dramatically increase the demand for lighting controls in commercial buildings. Becoming certified will help connect you with new customers, and will allow you to take advantage of this exciting and growing business opportunity.

What Are the Prerequisites for Installer Certification?

Because the lecture and lab work move at a challenging pace, all participants must be equally prepared prior to enrollment. The prerequisite studies are on the Lighting Controls Association website—modules EE101, EE102, EE103, and EE201. Completing these modules will take approximately 14 hours. These courses can be found here. For enrollment in CALCTP Installer Certification courses, applicants must present a certificate of completion of online study.

What is Covered in the Installation Course?

This course is divided into eight modules consisting of both lecture and lab activities. The module content is organized to answer the following about lighting controls: what they are, what they do, where they are used and how they are installed. Each lecture contains one or more interactive components, including group discussions, device demonstrations and/or calculation exercises.

The corresponding lab period, following the lecture, allows the attendee to directly apply what has been learned by installing the devices on electrical lab board, under the supervision of the CALCTP-certified instructor(s). If you are interested in Acceptance Testing, contact CALCTP to find a class in your area. CALCTP can be contacted by email at or by phone at (877) 670-7910.

Prerequisite Courses

The four online courses required prior to enrollment are available on the Lighting Controls Association website.

These courses can be found here.


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CALCTP Grows Businesses

“CALCTP has taught me how to properly install advanced lighting controls. Having the knowledge was critical to my company winning and installing Lutron QS system at Brookfield Properties Landmark Square Building,” said Mike Goodwin, project manager at M.B. Herzog Electric. “With this knowledge, M. B. Herzog Electric is more confident bidding advanced lighting controls jobs.”