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The California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP) is a statewide initiative aimed at increasing the use of lighting controls in commercial buildings and industrial facilities through education.

CALCTP is composed of two training programs: (1) an installation program and (2) an acceptance test technician program (Title 24 requirement).


The CALCTP Installation Program educates, trains and certifies C-10 licensed electrical contractors and state-certified general electricians in the proper installation, programming and maintenance of advanced lighting controls systems.

Click here to find a CALCTP-Certified Installation Contractor in your area or click the Get Certified tab above for more information on becoming a certified technician.


The 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards requires certified technicians to conduct tests to pass/fail installed lighting controls. CALCTP is a state recognized provider that certifies employers and technicians.

Click here to find an acceptance test employer in your area. Information on becoming an acceptance test technician can be found in the CALCTP-AT Handbook or by contacting CALCTP by email at info@calctp.org or by phone (877) 670-7910.

Fast Facts

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